Monitoring is a specialist operation that needs specialist tools.

Tracker supports the work of the on-site compliance manager.

Not a quality management system. Not a showcase for another party. No policies, processes or forms – Tracker helps monitor their implementation and effectiveness at one aged care location.

Deploy a systematic approach to monitoring compliance.

Supports current regulatory requirements, helps with consistent implementation and continual improvement, and makes the transition to the strengthened standards painless.


Tracker is optimised for the Strengthened Aged Care Standards.

Built in Notion


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Each outcome has items drawn from an analysis of the Standards and the official guidance material. ‘Show all’ lists every item. Add, edit, or delete items to tailor the content to the service’s context. Choose status and make notes.

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Items are allocated to categories to help make operational sense. They are not official categories but represent recurring themes through the Standards and guidance material. Monitoring by category helps to locate a systemic issue.


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The Strengthened Standards require evidence of systematic monitoring, review, and improvement of each critical operational system. A monitoring schedule is in Tracker.

WHAT is monitored in a system?
Download PDF description here.

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The three components shown for a system align with the monitoring and review template. In Tracker, the goal is to have all cells show ‘green’, which signifies full implementation.

HOW is a system monitored?
Download PDF of the template.



How will Tracker help with current Quality Standards?

Most of the strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards processes are in the current Standards [although not as clearly outlined and may be in a different outcome], so they must be monitored already.

Are systems required in the current Quality Standards?

Currently, six systems are mandatory: information management, financial governance, workforce governance, regulatory compliance, feedback and complaints, and risk management. Tracker can help with monitoring these, which is excellent practice for the increased number of systems in the strengthened standards.

Can Tracker help with the current rating scale?

The current three-point self-rating scale highlights the importance of implementing systems and processes in delivering care and services. Expanding systematic implementation and monitoring using Tracker should provide good evidence to support a self-assessment rating.

We are part of a large organisation. Is Tracker still useful?

Tracker does not say how something must be done, so the compliance manager at a site considers each requirement in Tracker from the perspective of organisational policies, processes and procedures.