Validation is like third-party insurance: compulsory and helps avoid nasty outcomes.


1. Develop a risk-based validation policy.

Include paragraphs outlining the RTO’s approach to (1) validating assessment tools and (2) reviews of completed assessment items. Also mention situations that trigger re-validation activity.

Include tables setting out approach to:

  • validation of assessment tools.
  • review of completed assessments
  • sampling of completed assessments.

The RTO Validation module has a full policy that can be adapted to suit the organisation’s context. Yes, you can download it, edit and store it elsewhere if that is a better fit.


2. Develop a Validation Schedule.

A Validation Schedule is evidence of a systematic approach to meeting validation obligations.

Use your risk-based validation policy to set up a schedule that includes everything that must be validated over the next few years.

The Validation Schedule is a long-term view, so duplicate validation activities scheduled for the current year to the Annual Planner.

The RTO Validation module has a Schedule that can be populated to align with the policy. Yes, you can create the schedule in Excel, if that is a better fit.


3. Validate assessment tools.

Revised Standard 1.3 (b)
Assessment tools are tested prior to use to ensure assessment can be conducted in a way that is consistent with the principles of assessment and rules of evidence.

This is not a suggestion.

No evidence that a qualification’s assessment tools have been validated before use? Prioritise this.

The RTO Validation module includes templates and a way to document assessment tool validation. Yes, you can set up the same layout in Excel, if that is a better fit.


4. Review completed student work.

Revised Standard 1.5 (a)
Validation of assessment practices and judgements ensures the assessment system consistently produces valid assessment judgements.

Also not a suggestion.

This quality assurance mechanism is straightforward if assessment tools are validated before use.

The RTO Validation module supports a systematic review and there are templates for reviewers. Yes, you can set up the same layout in Excel, if that is a better fit.

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