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Digital Certificate on successful completion

QR code access to supporting transcript

Personalised transcript of learning outcomes

Transcript stored on IPFS for authenticity


Participants who choose to complete the Refection Sheet that is part of an eligible microcourse on this website will receive the certificate of completion shown here. This is an original electronic document.

The IPFS record is a supporting electronic document that can be used to verify the authenticity of the certificate of completion.

A permanent record of the participant's certificate of completion is uploaded to IPFS.  If there is a query about the authenticity of the certificate, then the IPFS record can be checked to see that the details on the permanent record match the digital certificate - for example, there has been no name change.

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. No one company owns IPFS, in the way that Google owns Google Drive. It is essentially a global peer-to-peer network. When a file is added to IPFS, it is cryptographically hashed and given a unique fingerprint called a content identifier (CID). This CID acts as a permanent record of the file as it exists at that point in time.

The file is resistant to tampering because if anyone alters any of the information in a file, then it gets a new hash and a new CID, which makes it a different file.

The file is stored permanently on IPFS and is only accessible via the QR code. As long as the participant has their digital certificate, then they can get to the matching permanent record at any time in the future.

Like to know more: IPFS website

The QR code on the digital certificate contains a link to the matching permanent record on the IPFS. This link shows when a camera hovers over the QR code, so clicking on that link takes the viewer directly to the record. When an image of the certificate is inserted into a document and saved, either as Word or PDF, the QR code is still functional.

You are welcome to copy/paste the certificate image to a document and save it as Word or PDF if you need to send it to someone for your professional development record. They can click on the QR code if they wish to see the permanent record.

It is your responsibility to keep the digital certificate in your electronic filing system as it is not stored anywhere else. Also, the permanent record on IPFS is only accessible via the QR code on the certificate of completion. Essentially, you have control of the documentation once it is issued, not the course provider.