Validation of assessment tools

by | May 22, 2024

This micro-video (1.18 mins) is part of a series in the RTO Validation Module that can be downloaded from within the application and used as suits the organisation.

Key points

Revised Standards are very clear
A little phrase is very important
Most RTOs have work to do

Revised Standards 1.3(b)
assessment tools are tested prior to use to ensure assessment can be conducted in a way that is consistent with the principles of assessment and rules of evidence.

Yes, yes, I know. Validation has existed for a while, and the sky hasn’t fallen.


Prior to’ is a little phrase that can make a big mess.

This applies to all products on scope, even if they are not delivered.

  • Were purchased tools checked in-house and signed off as valid and fit for purpose?
  • Were tools developed in-house checked by someone other than the developer?
  • Have they been used for several years and been re-validated to ensure currency?
  • Is there documented evidence of this activity that can be accessed at audit time?

undecided What could happen at audit if there is no proof of validation before use and it is decided that the assessment tool does not meet requirements?

undecided If an RTO has used an invalid assessment tool with students, is the competency awarded also invalid?

May have work to do

I venture that very few RTOs could provide evidence of systematic validation before use for assessment tools for every unit in all qualifications on a scope.

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